TODAY ON VOICES RADIO: Rebroadcast Conversation with Dr. Melina Abdullah

Today on Voices from the Frontlines: Conversation with Dr. Melina Abdullah Professor of Pan African Studies Co-Founder,Black Lives Matter L.A.

April 28, 2020 @3pm PST

This week we’ll rebroadcast a great conversation with Dr. Melina Abdullah and Eric Mann on the state fo the Black Community during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Since the broadcast of the show both Black Lives Matter LA and the Bus Riders Union have joined a coalition of 44 Black led civil rights groups and leaders  to bring demand attention to 55 demands for the Black Community. Find more information about the coalition here

The Covid Virus and the Attack on Black People in Amerika

The victory of Students Deserve. BLMLA, the LAUSD Board and Superintendent Austin Beutner—Agreeing on Universal Passage for all Students for All Classes and Move to Graduation

The Bus Riders Union Campaign for Free Student Passes for All LAUSD Students and Free Public Transportation for All MTA Bus and Rail Riders

Social connection amid Social Distancing and the Revolutionary role of parenting, grandparenting, family and Diary of a Wimpy Kid at this point in history

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