Film Reviews

Closer, National Treasure, The Aviator, Neverland, Sideways, Ray, Crash, Paradise Now, The Squid and the Whale, Tsotsi, Hotel Rwanda, Warm Springs, Munich, Brokeback Mountain, The Lives of Others.


Reverend Wright for President, Stop the MTA Fare Hikes, Remembering Dr. King—The Direct Action Revolutionary, the Death of Pope John II, Eulogies for Miguel Contreras and Herman Mullman, Mississippi Summer of ’64 is Not Over, New Orleans: The Right of Return, New Orleans: Global Warming and Racism, Immigrant Rights as the Students Walk Out, the Boston Social Forum and the Democratic Convention.

Public Talks

University of Miami of Ohio, Cal Tech, University Southern California, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, Harvard Film School, Loyola Law School, Transnational Workers Exchange, Frankfurt, Germany, John F. Kennedy Institute, Berlin, Umrabulo Speaker series, African National Congress, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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