Voices Radio: A Case Against the Palestinian Genocide by the Center For Constitutional Rights

Another case charges genocide against Israel, this time within U.S Federal courts. 

This week, Eric Mann talks to lawyer Astha Sharma Pokharel of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) about their lawsuit, “Defense for Children International-Palestine et al v. Biden,” which charges that the U.S Government failed to “…exercise influence over Israel” to prevent a genocide. 

The plaintiffs include several Palestinian organizations and individuals, who collectively have lost over 200 family members as a result of Israel’s onslaught in Gaza. The case brings two claims against the U.S government. 

“The first is that these defendants, so Biden, Blinken, and Austin, are liable for failing in their obligation to prevent genocide. And they are. So that’s the first claim,” Pokharel says. “And the second claim is that they’re complicit in the genocide, that they’re actually supporting the genocide of Palestinian people in Gaza.”

Liability for the case arises under international law, which U.S courts have recognized as part of US federal common law explains Pokharel. If the case succeeds, California’s Ninth Circuit could order the U.S government to halt the flow of ammunition and weapons to Israel, which is the specific remedy the plaintiffs are seeking. 

“This lawsuit is part of a long history of CCR’s work seeking to hold Israeli officials as well as US actors accountable for the occupation,” Pokharel says. “For the expansion of settlements, for the violence against Palestinians in Palestine and the suppression of Palestinians and individuals advocating for Palestinian human rights here in the United States.”

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