Voices Radio: A Trip To Manzanar, A Conversation With The L.A Tenants Union

What is Manzanar – the infamous World War 2 camp where 11,000+ Japanese Americans were incarcerated – like these days? Tucked between Sequioa National Park and the Death Valley, Channing Martinez took a trip up to the camp for Memorial Day and shares timely reflections as the holiday passes.

And a conversation with Inés Alcazar and David Albright, two organizers with the L.A Tenants Union, about the struggle tenants are facing at Flower Drive and 38th Street, as more than 60 community members on the block face evictions. They are fighting a multi-billion dollar real estate company, Ventus Group, headed by USC Alumni Scott Gale.

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Today’s episode of Voices from the Frontlines was produced by Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, and Shane Dimapanat. Edits by Shane Dimapanat.

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