Voices Radio: In conversation with Hollis Watkins, at the 50th Anniversary of Mississippi Freedom Summmer

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Host Eric Mann, co-host and producer Channing Martinez, and co-producer Julian Lamb are excited to bring you a new format to continue our political and cultural revolutionary politics.

This week on Voices from the Frontlines with Eric Mann & Channing Martinez:


A Conversation with Hollis Watkins

A veteran of  the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Hollis speaks with Eric about his experience in helping to build a movement around voter registration and  Black power in the Mississippi south. At a time when real danger from Fascists’ State  and police violence was the norm back in the South, Hollis Watkins fought for social Justice and Black liberation.

Eric elaborates on the conversation with Hollis and gives in-depth analysis and political feed back.

“His father said” “Stand up say what  you want to say even if you’re the only one saying it.” “Then after the murder of Emmett Till, his father saying as the father of a black boy,” “be careful maybe its time to stay inside that line.” And then he said, “I want to stay inside that line but I realized that in order to change history I had to walk over that line.” And that at every point that line is segregation and you step one foot over that line… TODAY if a young person walk over that line it’s the policeman most likely who will kill him and will kill him, for anything, anything!”

Eric take calls from listeners. 

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