Voices Radio: Eric Mann & Channing Martinez on Metro Police State, Eric Mann & others on Campus Organizing from 1968 to now

This week on Voices from the Frontlines:

Eric Mann & Channing Martinez speak about the Police State on Metro buses and trains.

As there have been highlighted incidents on Metro, the Operators union has moved to call for complete barricades and more police across the Metro system. Eric and Channing speak about the Bus Riders Union campaign for urban reconstruction as a response to the hostile environment of the Metro buses and trains.

Eric Mann and others on Campus Organizing from 1968 to the Present.
Eric reads his recently published article in Counter Punch magazine: The Palestine Solidarity Movement is Making History: Thoughts from a 1968 Columbia University “Outside” Organizer. A participant in the recent student uprisings fighting for Palestinian liberation responds to the article. You can read the full article here

Listen to the Full show here:


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