Voices Radio: Listen to Chris Smalls, Sean Claffey, and Marcy Winograd

Voices from the Frontlines

Friday March 1st, 2024 | 7 AM PST

Listen to Chris Smalls, Sean Claffey, and Marcy Winograd at 7am on KPFK

Segment 1: Americonned

Eric Mann & Channing Martinez in conversation with Chris Smalls, President of the Amazon Labor Union and their long-distance struggle to bring unionism and self-respect to Amazon Workers

Sean Claffey, film-maker, on his important film, Americonned, about the disintegration of U.S. capitalism, the brutal impoverishment of the people, and the hopes for a revitalized union movement

Featuring the work of Chris Smalls and the Amazon Labor Union

Sean tells terrifying stories about Amazon’s brutal speed up and police state, surveillance state against its employees

Segment 2: Marcy Winograd

Eric in Conversation with March Winograd of Code Pink Radio, on the terrifying military apparatus between the U.S., Canada, India, United Arab Emirates, and Israel to build structures of mass murder against the Palestinian people.

She elaborates on her great article: How Nations Could End Israeli Genocide: Stop the Weapons; Stop the Oil; Stop the Tech




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