Voices Radio: Jeff Cohen, Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, on the presidential election

This Week on Voices from the Frontlines, we’re joined in conversation with Jeff Cohen, Co-founder of Roots Action and FAIR; Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Jeff speaks about the creation of Fair and the impacts that media have on today’s movement including the New York Times black ball of Palestine protests. Eric and Jeff speak about Presidential candidate Cornel West and the what the future holds for the 2024 presidential election.

Listen to the Full show here:

Links from this show:

Roots Action: https://rootsaction.org/home

FAIR: https://fair.org/

The Strategy Center: https://thestrategycenter.org

Jeff Cohen.org: https://www.jeffcohen.org/

Donate to KPFK: https://kpfk.allyrafundraising.com/


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