Voices Radio: The Summer KPFK Benefit at Strategy and Soul, Keith Lamar Granted Reprieve

A Re-cap of the KPFK fundraiser hosted at Strategy and Soul

Keith Lamar granted a reprieve – Execution date moved back by 3.5 years

This week on Voices Radio we have 2 segments:
1) A re-cap of the KPFK Benefit hosted at Strategy and Soul. Listen to 10 min clips from Poets: Matt Sedillo and Tongo Eisen-Martin.

Join us as we listen to a clip of the KPFK Benefit with an Introduction by Michael Novic, Two short poems by Matt Cedillo including his poem Lorena. Tongo Eisen-Martin recites a set of poems about a drying capitalism that enslaves. We end this clip with a outro by Eric speaking about the importance of both poets, KPFK, and Strategy and Soul.

2) BIG NEWS ABOUT KEITH LAMAR, Reprieve granted and execution date will be moved from November 16, 2023 to January 13, 2027. Listen to a conversation between Keith Lamar and Eric Mann in anticipation of June delegation visit with Eric and Channing to visit Keith at the Ohio State Penitentiary. Keith and Eric also speak about the US war state within the borders of the US and internationally.



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