Excerpts of Brief Conversations with Frontline Organizers from Across the Globe

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Voices Present’s:  Excerpts of Brief Conversations with Frontline Organizers from Across the Globe

Aired Tuesday February, 14, 2023 | 8am PST on KPFK Pacifica 90.7fm

This week Voice presents Civil Right activist Janius Williams, a significant figure in the Newark N.J. Black Power Movement from 1965 to the present, director of The North, and author of Unfinished Agenda: Urban Politics in the Era of Black Power, The Black Liberation Movement yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

UCLA Latinx activist Emily Zamora, A lead student organizer for UCLA Friends of the Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union on the struggle against Anti-Blackness and Academic Opportunism at the UCLA Luskin school—and the opportunities for radical reform at Luskin and all of UCLA.

Kamau Franklin, an organizer with Community Movement Builders in the Pittsburgh area of Atlanta’s Black community. His work spans Afrocentric political education, alternative institutions construction, and defending the Black community against police and gentrification assaults. Check out their very impressive website, www.communitymovementbuilders.org to learn more about their cutting edge work. Check out Kamau’s important article, An Ivory Tower Assassination of Malcom X, (Black Agenda Report April 11, 2011).

Civil Rights activist Hollis Watkins, about his work and efforts to organize voter’s registration, and bring about social justice in the deep south of Mississippi.

and Keith LaMar, a poet, a visionary, a Black prisoner, facing a death sentence with a scheduled execution date of November 16, 2023. This cannot happen. We have to do everything in our power to prevent the unthinkable. go to keithlamar.org to join the fight with Amy Grodiejew  to save Keith’s life.


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