Voices Podcast: Final Part: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and the Genius of Walter Rodney

Final Segment: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and the Genius of Walter Rodney

Aired on Tuesday March 8, 2022 | 3 PM PST

This week we’ll listen to the last four talks in this series:

Eric Mann, Co-Host of Voices from the Frontlines, Director of the Strategy Center

The National Leadership School for Strategic Organizing as a center grounded in Pan-Africanism, Black Nationalism, Anti-Imperialism, and pro-Communism. The School as a center for political and ideological dialogue and movement building.

Imani Countess, Director of the US/Africa Bridge Building Project

The Western theft from African Nations today through the process of illicit financial flows (the movement of money across borders that is illegal in its source), that is illegally mining for resources in Africa and not paying any taxes, or fees to the nations in which the mining has occurred.

Jamala Rogers, Founding director of the Organization for Black Struggle

Shattering the romanticism of Africa from the rest of the world to see the neo-colonialism playing out today. Neo-Colonialism from Africa to St Luis, and city centers in the U.S., Governance of the Black community and the National School as a pivotal next step for the movement.

Akunna Uka, Administrator at New Roads School, Leader with the Strategy Center

Summing up the whole event and speaking about her induction into the movement via Channing Martinez’ 2020 City Council race. From understanding underdevelopment in higher education as a Nigerian American student to learning about colonialism, underdevelopment, and neo-colonialism at The Strategy Center.

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