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Today on Voices from the Frontlines: 

Tuesday FEBRUARY 1, 2022 | 3 PM PST

This week on Voices from the Frontlines, Eric Mann gives a scathing film review of Belfast, which he argues glosses over the great history of the Northern Ireland, Irish Catholic fight for Civil Rights, yes, in Belfast.

Belfast, written, invented, and directed by Kenneth Branagh, is the story of a white, Protestant family in Belfast in 1969—In Northern Ireland—at a time of mass, Catholic civil rights demonstrations against British-supported Fascist Protestant ‘Unionists’.”

Belfast ultimately sends the viewer the message that you should turn your back on the oppressed, raise superficial criticisms of the occupying Protestants and British, stay inside your pathetic, nuclear family, and get the hell out of there when the opportunity arises.

It is only because we are in the midst of a great Counter-revolution in which imperialism is on the ideological ascendancy against the colonized masses that a film like Belfast could ever have been made. Today, Belfast may be nominated for an Oscar. But the only award his film deserves is a Thatcher.”

Don’t miss this important historical lesson and a critical view of Hollywood’s imperialist white washing.


Ernesto Arce on South Central Third World News Santa Monica police use aggressive intimidation tactics against street vendors but the sellers are fighting back. The current capitalist capitulation to private industry has left a crumbling infrastructure as witnessed in this weekend’s Pittsburgh bridge collapse. Also, Burkina Faso’s coup leader appears to be a thoroughly U.S.-trained Pentagon asset.

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