Today on Voices: MTA Genocide, Mark Masaoka Part 2, South Central Third World News, & Song from my Father

Today on Voices from the Frontlines:
MTA Genocide, Mark Masaoka Part 2

South Central Third World News

Song from my Father

Tuesday November 30th, 2021 | 3 PM PST

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez on “Stop MTA Genocide Against Black Passengers—time for Voices Listeners to get off the sidelines and join us on the Frontlines

Support the Bus Riders Union motion to this Thursday’s MTA board (Include Motion and contact Channing Martinez

Mark Masaoka in Conversation—Part II, Mark and Eric share memories and analysis of the great work in the United Auto Workers by socialist and communists in the auto factories of Ford Pico Rivera, GM Southgate, and GM Van Nuys—Mark’s and UAW Local 645 in the fight against anti-Japanese chauvinism

Ernesto Arce, South Central Third World News, Vijay Prashad on the hypocrisy of US climate criminals passing the buck to China and India

The Great Horace Silver playing “Song for My Father”

Channing Martinez on joining us at Strategy and Soul this week-end.

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Here is the Bus Riders Union Motion:

“The MTA Board acknowledges that after decades of protest and charges, there is an undeniable anti-Black impact and possibly intention. We call on CEO Stephanie Wiggins to initiate a task force to investigate every possible element of anti-Black ideology and policy throughout the MTA and report back to the board with structural and systematic remedies to end all forms of anti-Black policy.  We begin with the irrefutable conclusion that regardless of intent, the MTA policies are objectively anti-Black and radical steps must be taken to reverse that problem. We also acknowledge that if the Bus Riders Union and other civil rights groups have brought this problem to our intention at least since 2013, that the persistence of this problem reflects some level of intentionality since remedies existed to reverse them. In that both fare collection and code of conduct enforcement have shown themselves to be inherently anti-Black by the outcomes, MTA agrees to not enforce either the fares or the code of conduct permanently as the institution looks to find alternative solutions.”



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