Voices Radio: Eric Mann in conversation with Meena Roman

The United States is by far the most irresponsible nation regarding its primary contribution to climate change which is making life on planet Earth almost unbearable for most nations, including the US, but particularly nations in the global south – which, for hundreds of years now, continuously suffer social and economic infiltration, resource extraction, exploitation, sheer savagery, and genocide by the US!

In this episode Eric and Meena dig deeper into the conversation regarding the US and its creation and fueling of climate change coupled with the US’s audacious refusal to acknowledge its central role in climate change.

Meena provides very compelling data and global perspectives on this administration and other major players in the theatrics of climate talks, whose results are nothing more than backdoor coal-mining deals and other mineral-extraction contracts at the end of corporate/political handshakes.

In addition to Eric and Meena’s conversation, Ernesto Arce provides the Voices from the Frontlines South Central/Third World News update.

We are VERY excited to have him on the team!

Tune in, welcome Ernesto, share your thoughts with us, and join the movement!



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