Voices Radio: Pacifica Radio Archives, Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, Alan Minsky, Mark Torres, and Meena Roman

This week on Voices from the Frontlines… THE TRIO IS BACK; Alan Minsky, Channing Martinez, and Eric Mann speak with Meena Roman from the Third-World Network, about moving forward the Black Nationalist, Third-World Alliance movement. The white-settler state that is the United States that has raped, pillaged, and created what they now call the “third-world” is afraid of being called the genocidal white-settler state that it is. Malcolm X began shifting the base of his leadership position from the Nation of Islam to one that was rooted in Black Nationalism. He understood that religion, at the base of his leadership, couldn’t unify the Black nation in the United States, but a Black Nationalist platform could unify the Black Nation.

The Pacifica Radio Archives is a massive collection of audio content from voices like Malcolm X, the last recording of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Fannie Lou Hamer, James Baldwin, W.E.B. DeBois, Lorraine Hansberry, and thousands more.

During this episode we are also raising money for the Pacifica Radio Archives to preserve these voices and so many more, which are being obliterated by this white-settler state that under no circumstances wants to be called out for its atrocities and on-going oppression.

Call (800)735-0230 and donate $250 to the Pacifica Radio Archives and get the Encyclopedia of Sound; 1600 hours of audio content from the most powerful voices in the world. The archives is working to digitize the ONLY recordings of these historic and massively powerful voices.



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