Voices Radio talks Climate Justice with Nathan Thanki, and the BRU reports on their meeting with Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins

Nathan Thanki @n_thanki of Demand Climate Justice @gcdcj talks about the COP 26 in Glasgow 10/31-11/12. The people of the third world will be fighting to improve climate change. The US and the EU will be working to maintain capitalist, imperialist climate change.

We hear a clip of a call that Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, and Barbara Lott holland had with Nathan Thanki regarding the Green Climate Fund.

Eric Mann – “The first thing is that we are asking the governments of the World, as he is, that they have these intended goals and these intended goals must be mandatory, secondly there must be loss and damages paid to the third world, third is, the climate is moving towards 3% let along 1.5%. The strictest enforcement has to be begun with the United States and there has to be penalties for non-compliance, and it all hinges on giving the third world power at the United Nations, and that’s what Demand Climate Justice is all about.” @EricMannSpeaks

We also hear a report from Channing Martinez and the Bus Riders Union @BusRidersUnion on the racism on the Metro and the LAUSD.

The Strategy Center had a meeting with Metro CEO, Stephanie Wiggins @stephwiggins. The Strategy Center demands… @metrolosangeles
– Free public Transportation
– No police on the buses and trains
– No enforcing of the fares and codes of conduct

We hear a song called Stimela, by Hugh Masekela @hmhf_za



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