Demand Climate Justice, Updates at the MTA, and Hugh Masekela

Eric in Conversation with Nathan Thanki From Demand Climate Justice

Channing and Eric on updates on the campaign to end MTA Attacks on Black Passengers

and Hugh Masekela

Tuesday October 26, 2021 | 3 PM PST

Today on Voices an Amazing Show

Eric Mann reads from his 2015 article—the Paris Talks—A Victory for Obama, A Defeat for the Planet, a Challenge to the Movement to preview the problems of the forthcoming United Nations

Conference of the Parties (COP) 26 on Climate in Glasgow, Scotland October 31-November 12—exposing the brutal role Obama and John Kerry played in Paris

Nathan Thanki of Demand Climate Justice, an important international climate justice group of which the Strategy Center is a part, gives a great analysis of the same challenges facing the movement at it did in Copenhagen in 2009, Paris 2015, and today

  • Third World Nations are calling for “loss and damages” payments by the polluting West to help Third World Nations get reparations to “repair” the climate damage the U.S. has played
  • The very positive role that the People’s Republic of China is playing in helping the G-77 and China group of underdeveloped nations at the U.N. get their policies through the U.N. (China is a friend of the environment, a friend of the Third World, and is giving aid to Third World Nations while the US is their enemy
  • The struggle to get $100 billion into the Green Climate Fund and the ways the OECD and the West double count their contributions when they should be doubled

Nathan Thanki is a very astute observer and organizer

Channing Martinez will talk about the anti-Black policies of the MTA based on the latest incriminating and infuriating racist data from the MTA on citations and arrests of Black passengers.

Stop MTA Genocide against the Black Nation is real as MTA Black Passnegers, 9% of the LA county population, 19% of all MTA riders because they are more transit dependent, are STILL getting 55% of all tickets, 55% of all citations and life is a living hell being on MTA trains. Channing also points out the Black Codes, the MTA “Code of Conduct” where MTA passengers are ticketed for “not sharing a seat during the pandemic” “blocking the doors” “eating a sandwich” and just like the day after slavery, “arrested for being Black.” The Bus Riders Union is calling for

  • Free Public Transportation
  • No Police on MTA buses and trains
  • Immediate non-enforcement of all fares on buses and trains
  • A motion of recognition by the MTA board that it has an “Anti-Black” policy and problem that must be corrected

We are very appreciative of new MTA CEO Stephanie Wiggins for a thoughtful and caring conversation about these problems.

Hugh Masekela sings, plays, and preaches the horrors of anti-Black colonialism in his iconic song, STIMULA, that we will play in its 10 minute majesty

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Big props to Channing Martinez for recording, producing, and managing the show.

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