Today on Voices Radio: Eric Mann in conversation with Marcy Winograd and Channing Martinez

Today on Voices from the Frontlines:
Voices Today—Eric Mann in conversation with Marcy Winograd and Channing Martinez

Tuesday September 14, 2021 | 3 PM PST

Good Morning Voices Listeners

Marcy will talk about

“The recall, Newsom not perfect but the alternative is Trump/Elder, a lot as stake particularly with the environment, death penalty, privatization of schools, control of the Senate if Feinstein resigns,

Sometimes Biden sounds like he’s in CODE PINK (which I am) then the same old hawk when he pivots to China and insists on denying  aid to Afghanistan facing a humanitarian crisis of the U.S.’ making”

Marcy Winograd, former KPFK News Director and now Coordinator of CODE PINK CONGRESS, co-founded the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party. Marcy blogs about militarism and foreign policy at, co-chairs the End Wars and Occupations team for Progressive Democrats of America. She also ran two impressive campaigns for U.S. Congress.

Channing Martinez will talk about his work with the Police Free Schools LA Coalition which worked to defund the Los Angeles School Police by 35% and move funds to Black students and schools. He and the Strategy Center are active.

This month LAUSD considered implementing a Student Centered Funding initiative in which students can take their school funding with them from school to school. We recognize it as a front for defunding Black schools and funding the charters.

In a second motion LAUSD will consider Board Member George McKenna’s motion to allow schools to “opt in” for school police to be stationed on campus even after the board voted not to defund the School police by 35% and remove all officers off campus.

Eric Mann on Revolutionary Jeopardy where the question (and answer) is “What is the U.S. imperialist genocidal white settler state” a great game for home, work, and play.

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