This week on Voices Radio; We hear from Desiree Luckey of on Texas’ SB8 abortion bill and Eric talks about Ed Asner

This week on Voices From the Frontlines, Eric and Channing speak with @DesireéLuckey, Director @URGE_org – Unite For Reproductive & Gender Equity, about Texas’ new SB 8 anti-abortion law that went into effect last week, and may be a foreshadow of the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade., thus amplifying and nationalizing the war on women.

We also hear Eric’s recount of his friendship with the late Ed Asner and their work with United Auto Workers. Eric plays clips of Ed Asner’s narration, from the Film Tiger by the Tail, where he narrates the story of a union (United Auto Workers) trying stop GM from closing the Van Nuys plant. 








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