Voices Radio: June 15 2021 The Metro Poison pills trying to kill fareless transportation

MTA promises with implanted poison pills to Kill Fareless Transportation

Tuesday June 15, 2021 | 3 PM PST

Tune into voices tomorrow June 15th at 3pm for a conversation with Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, and Barbara Lott-Holland on the details of the Metro Fareless Transportation Initiative. (full text of the motion here)

While we think the Metro tried to do a good thing in passing the Fareless transportation initiative for K-12 students and for Community College students, we realize that in fact Metro board members simply can’t help themselves; they must have a “but”, the excuse for their infamous oppressive policies in everything they do. This is why in the same program includes the addition of self attestation of poverty, forcing 70% of its riders to prove poverty, an obvious civil rights and human rights violation. Then Board members go on to say yes, but only if we can find the money, and that’s not counting the money for the shitty rail project in my district.

Tune in as Eric and Channing go through the MTA motion piece by piece to explain the poison pills ingrained in the Fareless transportation Initiative design to set the stage for failure.

The Bus Riders Union is already on the move, Eric, Channing, and Barbara will layout action items where you can play an important piece in getting 500,000 bus and rail riders to win an actual victory.

  • Free Public transportation for all K-12 and college students in LA County
  • Free Public Transportation for all now! with no public attestation of and no means testing beginning in August and no “pilot project” get the damn point and do the job MTA!
  • End the Multi Agency Policing Contract in December 2021 with no option for Renewal

Prioritize funding from within the current Metro Budget, no philanthropic or outside funding for fareless transportation

Are you listening? Call in at 3:45 to go live with Eric! Dial (818) 985-5735. Send your comments, questions, and suggestions to eric@voicesfromthefrontlines.com.

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