The Space Between Accountability and Abolition; This week on Voices Radio, we recap on the Chauvin conviction.

Today on Voices From the Frontlines, we learn that Derek Chauvin, the finally convicted murderer of our dearly departed George Floyd, charged with three counts of second degree murder. Following the verdict, we outline our organizing efforts and next steps in removing police from LAUSD schools, and abolishing the police in general.

We also speak with Noel Hanrahan from Prison Radio. She gives us an update on Mumia Abu Jamal, who had open-heart surgery on Monday. We learn that Mumia’s surgery was said to be a success, but we await his confirmation in that regard. We also outline our demands for Mumia’s human rights to be restored which will allow for his healing; remove the shackles from his hands and feet, let him speak to his family, lawyers, spiritual council, and friends, give him proper healthy food, water, and healing medications if necessary… to name a few.

We continue the hour addressing the culture of militarized brutality in local police as well as the construction of the jails and prisons in the US.

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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