THIS WEEK ON VOICES RADIO: Eric dissects a Jacobin article featuring their failure in accepting Fred Hampton’s humanity!

“What kind of a police state we live in, that the FBI is in every organization, that everyones phone is tapped, that any organization is infiltrated by its very nature, and its virtually impossible to carry out good work without informants… with informants who are coming there purposely to intervene in the internal affairs of your organization, to take advantage of the conflicts, the so-called intelligence they’re getting, they’re watching… and of course, the very destructive role they played in the murder of Fred Hampton.” – Eric Mann

Jacobin Magazine published an article attempting to seemingly provide an excuse for Fred Hampton’s murder. Because when is a Black persons murder NOT their fault???

The FBI is responsible for the brutal stalking and murder of most, if not all, prominent Black leaders around the world… including today!


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