Voices Radio: Justice For Jacob Blake — The Challenge to Our Movement

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez explore The Black Movement with this week’s Voices guests, Justin Blake, Tanya McLean, and Gregory Bennett Jr.

As an uncle, a family friend, and an organizer of Peace in the Streets Kenosha, our guests are primary sources for understanding Jacob’s situation. Throughout the interview, these activists emphasize Kenosha’s organizing actions, like the upcoming 30-mile protest, Walk for Justice, and how we all can help support Jacob, his family, and The Cause.

You can support Jacob Blake via
Cashapp: $AERFoundation
PayPal: education_youth@yahoo.com

Justice for Jacob’s demands include District Attorney Michael D. Graveley pressing charges of Rusten Sheskey, as well as his arrest, indictment, and firing. They also demand Kyle Rittenhouse be tried in adult court, and that his mother be arrested.

Contact Erica Ness, Gregory Bennett Jr., and Tanya McLean for more information about how you can lend your support.


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