TODAY ON VOICES: 07/07/2020 Paul Robeson before The House Committee on Un-American Activities Inside the Victory to Defund LA School Police

In 1949 Paul Robeson was forced to testify in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities Committee (disgusting just by its name) but Robeson turned the tables and put them and the whole country on trial. In our present period, Robeson shows the great value of Black, pro-communist, Pan Africanist, anti-imperialists. His dignity and courage in the face of what barbarism is almost impossible to imagine. But do imagine and do tune in.

In the second segment Eric and Channing reflect on the Strategy Center’s role in the united front to Defund the LA School Police Department—led by Black Lives Matter LA and Students Deserve and board member Monica Garcia—and our historic victory that cut $25 million from their budget—a 37% cut and the resignation of its police chief. We study history, we write history and we make history.


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