Voices Radio: June 16, 2020 The Magical Manifestation of the Too Black to Fail Revolutionary Movement

In June of 2020 a group of Black and Third World revolutionaries, from Harlem, South Central, Minneapolis, Cape Town, London, Beijing, Caracas, Havana, met in Nairobi, Kenya at a clandestine strategy meeting. Already in deep dialogue, one of the delegates began cautiously, to share her dream. But as she told it to the first comrade, he said, with excitement but also a sense of self-protection to avoid being seen as delusional, that he had also had that dream. But there was a too impossible to believe outcome. Dozens, not hundreds, not thousands, but yes, dozens of people—all leading the Black and Third World resistance to the present racist onslaught—had experienced the same dream. Not sort of the same, but word by word, step by step, the same. And each time one person described a point in the plot the next person could finish the sentence. That lead to an escalation of the resistance and if it can be believed, a future belief that a collapse of the U.S. Imperialist White Settler state was possible and a revolutionary government could come to power. I have been honored that they shared this story with me. And after going through channels, they have allowed us to tell their story. It is being recorded in June 2020 but as you will see, the events we describe have already happened—for now we are in January 2021. They allowed us to record their dreams with the hope that their revolutionary experiment in magical realism could come true. But also to document their visionary power. For who would have believed in January 2021 that a group of Black and Third World revolutionaries could not just predict the future of history— but make that history happen! And as you will see, they did.

If for any reason you learn of this before the events of July 2020 to January 2021 take place, you must swear yourself to secrecy. This entire scenario was actualized because the revolutionaries kept their dreams to themselves—until they made them happen. But what a story. It begins with how the Too Black to Fail Movement added another battalion to the growing revolutionary army against the U.S. Imperialist white settler state and how the Army of Revolutionary Ancestors… but I am getting ahead of my story. Listen, as the Black and Third World revolutionaries tell their own story. But you must swear that you will not tell others about it.
Eric Mann

Aired June 16, 2020 @3pm PST 90.7fm KPFK


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