Voices Radio: Ron Kovic on his new book A Dangerous Country & a sneak preview coming to Strategy & Soul

Voices from the Frontlines

Friday March 22, 2024 | 7 AM PST

Ron Kovic on his new book A Dangerous Country

A sneak preview coming to Strategy and Soul Theater:

The Old Oak Directed by Ken Loach

Ron Kovic

Listen to a conversation with Ron Kovic discussing his new book, a dangerous country and American elegy with Eric Mann, two veterans of the anti-war movement discuss the big lie of the US war machine, the role of taking personal responsibility inside oppressive systems, personal forgiveness, and the will to move forward.

The Old Oak directed by Ken Loach

Eric will also be reviewing, the great Ken Loach’s new, and last film The Old Oak a beautiful film of how a Syrian refugee woman and a British working class man fight, anti-immigrant sentiment and March forward together. The Old Oak is put together by a fantastic trio: Directed by Ken Loach written by Paul Laverty, produced by Rebecca O’Brien

There will be a sneak preview of the The Old Oak at the Strategy And Soul Theater on Thursday, April 11 and a theatrical opening at the Laemmle Royal on Friday, April 12 join us that Thursday night and go to the Royal as well


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