Voices Radio: Talia Shire—Working Man  Michael Jordan—The Last Dance, Bus Riders Union—Free Public Transportation

Today on Voices from the Frontlines: 
Talia Shire—Working Man 

Michael Jordan—The Last Dance,

Bus Riders Union—Free Public Transportation

April 21, 2020 @3pm PST


Conversation with Talia Shire on her new film Working Man

Talia Shire, best known for her role as Connie Corleone in the Godfather Films and Adrian Balboa in the Rocky films discusses her new film Working Man. Also starring Peter Gerrety as Allery Parker and Billy Brown as Walter Brewer Working Man is a moving film about what happens to workers when their plants close down—a never ending story under capitalism with so many different plots and endings. This is a fine film and we thank Richard Alaniz from the KPFK Film Club for making the connection with the producers. Also reach out to the Strategy Center for the story of the most successful movement against plant closings in which Voices host Eric Mann was the lead organizer—along with Pete Beltran, Mark Masaoka and Jake Flukers, the Campaign to Keep GM Van Nuys Open. This is reflected in the wonderful film Tiger by the Tail directed by Michal Goldman. Working Man will be released on May 5th to video on demand. For more information visit www.workingmanmovie.com​​​​​​​

Fly Michael Fly

Eric Mann discusses The Last Dance—HBO’s 10 Part Documentary on the Chicago Bulls’ struggle to win their 6th NBA Title in 1997-1998 starring Michael Jordan. While there are many political themes that he will discuss throughout this commentary focuses on Michael Jordan’s impossible-to-believe-without seeing phenomenal athleticism, will, and athletic intelligence—and the great role played by University of North Carolina coach Dean Smith in helping Michael hone his skills and his worldview.

No Cars in LA and Free Public Transportation in LA—an Idea who’s Time Has Come

Join Eric as he asks your involvement in the Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union Campaign for No Cars in LA/Free Public Transportation campaign with the chance to win real victories during the COVID 19 crisis in which those demands are as practical s they are visionary and revolutionary. Check this out at theStrategycenter.org


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