Voices Radio: Eric talks about the war in Iran, Gwyneth Paltrow, the films Just Mercy and The Irishman.

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Eric offers some really deeply rooted wisdom: The headline that the Nation Magazine published, “Trump’s Distraction by Assassination: The killing to Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani [Qasem Soleimani] took the public’s attention away from Trump’s upcoming trial in the Senate. This new crisis, though, has no visible off-ramp. Eric points out omission of Soleimani’s humanity, by Nation Magazine, in this headline. Soleimani is a human being that was murdered by the US, not some excuse for a distraction. We must learn to recognize each others humanity FIRST!!! Eric talks about his commentary about Gen. Soleimani: The murder of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, is the latest of so many murder and assassinations beginning with the assassination of Native American leaders is part of the long tradition of the barbarism of US assassination of its political opponents. This democratic and republic tactic raised to a horrible crescendo by President Barak Obama through is escalation of his use of drone murders is rooted in the US imperialist effective ideology that the US is always under attack. The US has a department of defense. It used to be called the department of war, at least then, it was honest. The US doesn’t need any defense. The US is attacking every siege country. The US has CIA agents in the every country n the world. The work id under attack by our government and our system. This intern is deeply rooted in the mindset of the white-settler state and the white settlers themselves. When the US was built, it was built by white people coming from Europe to invade the Americas where there were already 100 million indigenous inhabitants. How can people come onto a continent of 100 million people and murder 90 million of them? The reason is because they believe that they were being attacked by the indigenous people? How can people believe that? Because the indigenous people rejected christianity so we have to murder them because they are attacking our religion. That is the thinking of the white-settler state. The aggressor is always the hurt party in the psychopathology of imperialism! Please note: No longer can we say that the white-settler state is white people anymore. At this point, it the the white settler state is a social formation of imperialism that implicates all of us unless we are active to resist it’s ideology, privileges, benefits and the complicity that we all share. 

Eric also examines Gwyneth Paltrow’s interview about her new luxury lifestyle brand, Goop. He reenacts the interview in a way that communicates the absurdly superficial and damaging parts of this society that prevent us from becoming self-aware and renders us hypnotized, complicate and active in imperialism.  

We also examine the new film Just Mercy about the life of Civil Rights Attourney Brian Stevenson. A film about courage, the racism of the US society, the cruel and unusual punishment of the death penalty, and the world. 

Take a listen to the whole show and tell us what you think!



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