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Today on Voices from the Frontlines: 
U.S. hands off Iran. Reparations to the people of Iran

January 7, 2020 @3pm PST

U.S. hands off Iran. Reparations to the people of Iran for the murder of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by president Donald Trump.  

This latest of so many murders and assassinations is part of the long traditions of the barbarism of U.S. assassinations of political opponents. This Democratic and Republican tactic, raised to a horrible crescendo by President Barack Obama, is rooted in the U.S. imperialists’ effective ideology that the U.S. is always under attack. This in turn is deeply rooted in the mindset of the imperialist white settler state and the white settlers themselves. Sadly this ideology and consciousness is now widespread among people of all races inside the U.S. imperialist white settler state. How do we build a real movement against the U.S. imperialist white settler state, its ideology, and its deep roots inside all of us!  Reparations to the people of Iran. No drone attacks. UN Sanctions against the U.S. No U.S. attacks on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the world.

Consumer Advice Column: Gwyneth Paltrow’s : “luxury lifestye” Goop give’s vacuous careerists a bad name. 





Short Film Review: Martin Scorcese’s The Irishman—a worthless piece of garbage!





Film Review: Just Mercy: about the life of civil rights attorney Brian Stevenson, a wonderful film about courage, the racism of U.S. society, the cruel and unusual punishment of the death penalty, and the will to fight on. A MUST SEE for everyone. Great thanks to Black Lives Matter, many community groups, Warner Brothers, and the Cinemark Theater in the Crenshaw Mall (one block away from our Strategy and Soul Movement Center 3546 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd at Crenshaw. Jamie Foxx was profoundly moving as death row prisoner Walter McMillan, Michael B. Jordan, very impressive in an understated Stevenson, Brie Larson as Eva Ansley, the type of anti-racist white southerner there used to be more of and a credit to her race (credits to Damu Smith for that line) and Tim Blake Nelson as white prisoner Ralph Myers on whose turnaround to hopefully do the right thing so much of the outcome is based.  If the Battle of Algiers is the only 100 I’ll ever give a film and 0 is the rating for The Irishman than Just Mercy is beyond any number, a very fine film that every voices listener should become a viewer.


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