TODAY ON VOICES RADIO: What are We Going to Do About the United States US Hands off Bolivia— Venezuela, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, China and nations all over the world

As the United States and both U.S. parties work to export fascism all over the world

what are we in the U.S. going to do to strengthen the anti-U.S. intervention movement.

As the U.S. and both parties work to overthrow the governments of Bolivia and Venezuela and supports the fascist Bolisaro in Brazil

the central question facing the movement and the world is to protect the right of self-determination for anti-imperialist, national liberation,

and movements for self-determination all over the world.

Reading from statements of solidarity from Robin Kelley, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Channing Martinez, and others.



President Evo Morales has decided to resign to calm the right-wing violence. The right wing has insisted on forcing the president to resign; however, the majority of Bolivians voted for Evo Morales. The Indigenous majority and workers are deeply committed to the Movement toward Socialism, (MAS) and it is clear that those committing the violence are the right-wing, whose world has fallen. In his statement, Morales said that the social movements will never cease to defend their political project, and that he is part of the social movements.

As you may know the Bolivian people exercised their sovereignty and popular democracy on October 20th by electing President Evo Morales Ayma of Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) for another term. However, U.S. backed opposition forces are violently threatening the majority’s will.

The Basics:

  • In Bolivia, the election of Evo in 2005 was the fruit of over a decade of anti-neoliberal mobilizations.
  • The participation rate in the elections was incredibly high in this majority Indigenous, working class and peasant South American country.
  • With 90% participation and 47% of the popular vote, Evo and MAS party (Movement Towards Socialism) won by a margin of approximately 600,000 votes. Yet, mainstream news media fails to make this known.
  • MAS won the majority of senate and deputy positions. They also won nearly 85% of all municipalities across the country.
  • For those of us living under governments of enslavers (turned detention center and prison wardens), elections are by their very nature a total sham.
  • Bolivia’s right wing neoliberal parties are backed by the US government. The far right is calling for Evo to be removed “in defense of democracy” by any means, right now.
  • Thousands of Indigenous farmers and miners from the countryside are traveling to La Paz to defend their democracy. Women are at the center of this political change.

The links below include this aforementioned information as well as more news, updates, and pictures of the thousands taking to the streets to defend the popular vote.


Cambio Newspaper.

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Bolivia TV

We ask that you sign the attached letter in solidarity with the majority Indigenous and African working class in Bolivia. You may sign as an individual and/or collectively (organization, institutional, etc.). This letter will be released to international media outlets, grassroots organizations, and others. 

Please, share this letter widely. 







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