VOICES RADIO: Call on Bernie Sanders to withdraw his call to overthrow the government of Venezuela.


Call on Bernie Sanders to withdraw his call to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

“Let me be very clear. Anyone who does what Maduro does is a vicious tyrant. We need international and regional cooperation for free elections so the Venezuelan people can create their own future.”

– Bernie Sanders, Democratic Debate Sunday September 12, 2019


Call his office today, Bernie Sanders: (202) 224-5141 also try 202-866 220 0044 which works well especially between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Pacific time to get to them during working hours, 9-5 in Eastern time zone

Eric Mann thanks Voices listeners who called Senator Sanders to repudiate his position on Venezuela. Eric engages his critic who believes that his statement that Senator Sanders is calling for the overthrow of Venezuelan President Maduro is  exaggerated and “fraudulent”

Keep Calling Senator Sanders and demand he stop his call for the overthrow of the government of Venezuela

I was dismayed to find in my morning email the demand that Bernie Sanders “withdraw his call to overthrow the government of Venezuela.”  While there is reason to object to Sanders’s answer to moderator Jorge Ramos’s question on why he refuses to call Nicholas Maduro a dictator, to conclude that Bernie made such a call to overthrow a government is fraudulent.

Sanders in fact supports the opposite position.  Rather than backing the U.S. practice of inserting a leader it “likes,” he has never once deviated from his belief that it is the right of the people of Venezuela to decide what kind of government they want.

People who took umbrage at Sanders’s remarks should call his office to complain.  That is what a healthy democracy looks like.  Sanders deserves to be called out for his erroneous profile of Venezuela, and many of us did not waste time to do so.  On the morning after the debate, several of us contacted members of Sanders’s team.  We took the trouble to supply them with recent and reliable information, and forwarded articles and the names of informed sources for their further investigation.  But loosely applied pejoratives like “vicious tyrant” cannot be criticized more than loosely applied pejoratives like “racist” and “lunatics.”  As a point of fact, I have not identified myself as a Sanders supporter.  I offer my comments in the strict belief that these important issues should be met with hard facts, not easy mockery.

–Patricia Dahl

As a Sanders supporter, I applaud your opinion on his position on Venezuela.  Sanders is WRONG on this one. Thank you and continue the fight!!!!

–Nelson P.

Just called. Thanks. I keep telling my wife who keeps sending him money. He is no better than Obama. Any third party is better.

–Jeff H

Hi Eric! I’m great Sanders supporters but I’m 100% agree with regarding Venezuela as we’ll Syria. I just hope he hires someone with more knowledge about foreign Policy

–Jorge M.

I have been a Bernie fan since before the last election.  I voted for Bernie in the last election primary.  I have been an enthusiastic supporter of and donator to his campaign this time around.  But the remarks on Maduro and Venzuela in the last democratic debate have made it impossible for me to contribute further.  I call on Bernie Sanders to back down his repudiation of Maduro, and his call for foreign intervention in Venezuela – not his exact words, but lets not play dumb here.

–Vince M.

Good Evening Eric Mann! I wanted to inform you that I just left a message on Bernie Sanders’ voicemail exclaiming I can no longer give my donations or support if his current views [intervention in Venezuela] continue and that Nicolas Maduro was indeed democratically elected.. Thank you for urging your listeners to do this. I’m glad I got off work early today to catch your very important show. I am certainly going to sign up for your sound cloud so I don’t miss a beat 🙂 Thank you again.

–Mark Anthony H. (An IBEW Apprentice)


–Victor K

Hi Eric, Got through to a nice young man at Bernie’s D.C. office.  Told him to inform Bernie that he is wrong to label Maduro as a dictator and to stop the sanctions etc… told about the Venezuela Now and Gray Zone  sites which give factual reports etc. He said he would convey this info to Bernie. I also told him to listen to WPFW for the truth….and threw in a pitch for Bernie coming out as anti-war!

I use an old ‘toll-free’ number and always get through…202-866 220 0044 (have it memorized) especially between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Pacific time to get to them during working hours, 9-5 in Eastern time zone…

Appreciate your informative, coherent program and the enthusiastic motivation to do things to help expose and stop the masters of war…

Be well,

–Margot of Montebello

You have a good show about many issues.

Thanks for all you do.

I got this out to about 20 elist’s and got some great reactions and only one not so good. 

I just returned from Venezuela on July 17th ( my wife lives Mérida) and I am having problems renewing my visa since Trump has closed all the consulates and the embassy of Venezuela here.

Turkey said they would handle Venezuela’s affairs in the US but the administration said no. 

Thank again,

–Cort G.

Thanks Eric. Yes, I saw this. It was a terrible response by Bernie, but a consistent one.

–Jeffery S. (A well known editor)

I not only called, I passed your call-to-action on to other activists I know. U.S. intervention in Venezuela is a top concern of mine, and Sanders’ statements about it throughout this year have been very disturbing to me. I think there needs to be a movement to get the U.S. embargo against Venezuela lifted.I was so glad to hear your call-to-action on yesterday’s show. Thank you so much for doing it!(Months ago I tried e-mailing AOC’s office regarding her similar statements about Venezuela, but only her constituents could send them e-mails.)

–Ross P.

Frank Dorrel addicted to war circulated it Sent from Rachel Bruhnke: sojournerrb@yahoo.com

Dear Eric:  I’m with you 100% on demanding Sanders withdraw his call to overthrow the government in Venezuela!

–Jim L.

I left a message demanding a retraction of statement on Venezuela.  Next day, I got a text from someone at his election campaign, I texted back saying I don’t want to support Bernie Sanders, and he needs to retract Venezuela statement, the volunteer texted back saying basically, sorry to bother you. Thank you Eric for pointing out Sanders warmongering, I am not watching the debates at all, Trump still has over 33% approval ratings, that’s so disgusting, I’m not even paying attention anymore.

–Paul B.

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