Voices Radio: Tuen in to hear the latest about Amazon, in this weeks episode; Amazon Watch.

We are honored to have Altossa Soltani, Amazon Watch founder and board president today on the show! Take a look at our correspondence with Amazon Watch for today’s show.

Fight the Fascist Fires in Brazil

Take Action Thursday September 5 at the Brazilian Embassy in Los Angeles at 11 AM

Correspondence from Leila Salazar Lopez, Executive Director of Amazon Watch:

Since the news of the fires broke on August 21, Amazon Watch has been working around the clock responding to the fires by amplifying this emergency and continued threats to the Amazon, indigenous peoples’ rights, and the climate at an international level. In solidarity with indigenous partners in Brazil and Bolivia, we are expanding our international advocacy work and redirecting funds to provide direct support for indigenous peoples’ defending their rights and rainforest territories, including the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples’ of Brazil (APIB), via our Amazon Protectors Fund and Fundo CASA to support indigenous communities directly affected by the fires and to CEJIS in the Chiquitano Forest in Bolivia. Over 900,000 hectares have burned there!

We are recommending 3 concrete ways to help Stop the Amazon Fires and Support our Work:

1.  Sign Pledge of Resistance with Brazil’s Indigenous Movement

2.  Join Global Day of Action for the Amazon on September 5, Amazon Day.

3.  DONATE to support Amazon Watch’s response to Amazon Fire Emergency, including expanding international advocacy work and direct support to indigenous peoples on the frontlines.

On the campaign front, we released a list of the primary companies complicit in the destruction of the Amazon. They will be targets of our global day of action on September 5. Here’s our press release: http://bit.ly/2jX6dkh

And, here’s our latest video to share: http://bit.ly/2lXATTf

Also, Take a look at this great article from Felipe Libório

Brazil: death and destruction in Bolsonaro’s Amazon

In the last month, the Amazon rainforest has been the centre of attention for Bolsonaro’s government. After a prolonged arm-wrestling match that culminated with the sacking of Ricardo Galvão as Director of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), the Bonaparte wannabe is putting on a show of bravado in a spat with some of the wealthiest countries in Europe about the region’s conservation.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full article

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