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Tune in today at 3 on Voices from the Frontlines for more inflammatory Hubris!

Today on Voices Eric will discuss the racist book-ends of Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump trying to isolate the Four Strong Soul Sisters—Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayana Pressley and what is the strategy of all 3 forces. It is not just right and wrong, of course the FSSS are right and Trump and Pelosi are wrong, but what is going on? How does this relate to the Democratic Party’s deeply flawed and contradictory strategy of getting elected with white votes in a white settler state? Tune in to find out.

Below, we rarely get such rave, or raving, reviews, but unlike many of our millions of loyal listeners who rarely write in, we got a deeply moving letter from “Almost as bitter as you Matthew.” He did not like my criticisms of Bernie Sanders for refusing to support Kamala Harris in her historic debate with Joe Biden and his Voiceless in Vermont inability to effectively defend abortion rights. So, even though his letter ended with, “I’m sorry this is in crayon because I am not allowed to use sharp objects where I am” his response is important and bears a serious response. That I’ll offer today.

So, if you want more “diatribe” “inflammatory” “hubris” “hypocritically” “prejudice” “gaslighting shill for corporate meda” make sure you tune in today at 3.

Mr. Mann,

I have listned to your inflammatory hubris (subject line)

Your diatribe against Senator Sanders on yesterday’s show, calling him racist while praising his neo-liberal competitor, was incendiary and stupid beyond satire. You went on to disparage all his supporters in a single breath, hypocritically demonstrating your own prejudice (racism’s brother). To praise Kamala’s pretty theatrics (contradicted by her own record) while calling Bernie racist for answering with specific policy goals which will directly benefit the underserved, you sound more like a gaslighting shill for corporate media than a supposed progressive commentator.

I was there in 2015 Seattle when Bernie’s stage was taken over by BLM protestors (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyOG-f1G9PM). He listened. He made diversity and inclusion a top priority, he moved the awful Democratic party left and continued his legacy of inclusion and civil rights. By your twisted logic, not only is Bernie a racist but I suppose Cornel West and Nina Turner are also racist for supporting him. Laughable.

Bernie deserves criticism for sticking with a counter-revolutionary party that screwed him and democracy. But without him, the party would barely even be discussing progressive policies; half the candidates wouldn’t be emulating him; there wouldn’t be much of a mainstream progressive movement at all. To claim without irony that his imperfections amount to racism you’d have to be a special breed of useful idiot. For the sake of actual progress, please quit your job. KPFK and the progressive movement deserve better.

Almost as bitter as you,


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