#TODAY ON VOICES RADIO: Film Conversation on When They See Us

Ava DuVernay’sWhen They See Us is a brilliant, explosive, excruciating, breathtaking revolutionary intervention in the spirit of Native Son, Invisible Man, Sorry to Bother You, and the Battle of Algiers. It is a rallying cry to tear down the walls of this racist police/prison state, free all prisoners, and end all policing. The Strategy Center has initiated, for years, our Civil Rights/Climate Justice Campaign for Urban Reconstruction. Our key demands are

* Free Public Transportation

* Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers

* No Police in LAUSDSchools

* No Police on MTA Buses and Trains

* No Cars in L.A.

The time is now for this campaign to take off and we need your help. We need demands that are as structural and radical as the system is structural and reactionary.  Which side are you on?

Stop U.S. Genocide Against the Black Nation

We want the Social Welfare State not the Police State
The Climate Justice State not the Warfare State

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez will discuss their awe-inspired commentaries on When They See Us and try to seriously engage our Urban Reconstruction Campaign. Please consider

What are the asks?

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