Voices Radio: We pay tribute to the brilliant, Paul Robeson.

Eric pays tribute to his friend and super hero, Paul Robeson during this KPFK fund drive show on Voices From the Frontlines. 

Eric remarks about how magnificent and undefinable Paul Robeson was and still is: Scholar, athlete, film star, baritone singer from heaven, pan-africanist, black fighter, pro-communist, a friend of working and oppressed people all over the world, defiant black man, and political prisoner in his own country.  

Eric, Channing, and Alan Minsky offer the Paul Robeson 4-DVD box set, narrated by Sidney Poitier, along with two of Eric’s books; Playbook for Progressives and Katrina’s Legacy. 

Channing created a brilliant slideshow of Paul Robeson that we can watch on the Eric Mann Speaks Facebook page through our MEVO. 

Have a listen to the show, get the DVD collection.  

Paul Robeson favorite languages and people are the Afrikans. “In the early part of 1934 Robeson enrolled in the school of Oriental and African studies, a constituent college of the University of London, where he studied phonetics, Swahili, and other African languages. His growing interest in African history and its impact on culture was influenced by African revolutionaries in England reflected in his essay “I Want to be African”, where he rejected US and European colonialism and his own internalized oppression by fully embracing his Afrikan roots.”

Listen to the show, get to know the brilliance that is Paul Robeson.


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