#TodayOnVoicesRadio Eric Mann’s Revolutionary Sports Take

OK, OK, It’s not really very revolutionary but it could be fun, which is revolutionary in itself. Some subjects for my 35 minute rant–before you call in to pontificate, debate, elate, and hopefully, elevate and ingratiate with our audience.

* Why Tiger Woods winning the Masters may be the greatest sports story of the decade,or at least year, or at least day, or at least minute as the speed of social media destroys time and memory (wasn’t there a guy, Tom Brady or something that won something or others?) Anyway Tiger, an AMAZING come back and we are all so happy for you–and us.

* Why Patrick Ewing and the Knicks are gonna win the lottery and get Zion Williamson—”wishing can make it so.”

* Why Le’Veon Bell (go Jets!) got it right by not spending another year banging up his body for the racist Big Ben (the one in Pittsburgh and the one in England) in case you didn’t figure it out, I’m from New York, New York, the Big Apple (thanks Gil Scott and the Last Poets) “New York is a state of mind, that doesn’t mind f—-ing up a brother”

* How Magic got away with messing things upand ran away to tweet leaving the Lakers beyond back before Showtime, where they started…and while, as a Knicks fan, gotta admit the Lakers will be fine, with Lebron, Kuzma, BI, Lonzo, and another lottery pick, and cap space, damn, so don’t spend too much time gloating against them, Lebron will be back angrier than ever…

* Why I’m so happy for Luke Walton and Sacramento, there is a great future there for De’Aaron Fox, Marvin Bagley Jr. and a lot more young talent,

* Why Doc and the Clips are more magic than Orlando,although Steve Clifford is doing great work there

* Why the Nets are da bomb, how Sean Marks, Kenny Atkinson and D ‘Angelo Russell are playing lights out (didn’t this Russell Guy play for the Lakers? (oh yeah, Magic gave him away) and what about Julius Randle, wasn’t he with the Lakers, and what about Ivaca Zubac, that’s a great joke, ok I’m piling on!!!

* Why Kristaps Pozingis may be a white chauvinist? What else could the Knicks and David Fizdale do to kiss up to him, flying to Latvia, a favorite destination for Black folks, saying he was making progress in his rehabilitation only to be jerked around by Kristaps on Snapchat, OK, if the Knicks get Kyrie Irving with the salary cap room, plus Dennis Smith Jr. and two first round picks, I think they did good to move on, and they really had no choice

Okay, listen hard to my profound insights and then call in to mix it up–after all, it’s just a game!


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