Voices Radio: Green Book, a Racist Trope, and the Revolutionary Life of Blase Bonpane

This week on Voices From the Frontlines, Eric deconstructs the film, Green Book, and offered us an alternative to the racist narrative portrayed in the film. Eric details the falsehoods told in this film that do nothing more than reinforce the racist lens through which the film makers views Shirley – and probably black people in general – while making every attempt to omit the genius and virtuoso that Don Shirley was. Eric talks about the anger that Don’s family, as well as the black community, expressed after seeing this film. Eric’s alternative narrative is refreshing, and revolutionary. If only the filmmaker had the same vision…

Eric also speaks to Fran Durrell, a fantastic peace activist, about the passing of KPFK’s and the greater social justice world’s dear friend, peace activist Blase Bonpane. Blase transitioned to the other side of life this past Monday, April 8th. While he will be missed, his legacy will love on through us! We must now carry the torch.

Tune in for yet another expansive episode of Voices From the Frontlines.


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