Voices Radio: Channing Martinez film review of Mapplethorpe, Eric Man film review of Captain Fantastic

This week on Voices Radio, Eric and Channing conduct another really great film review on two films that stood out to them in very particular ways, for them, as organizers and more so as people who think deeply and critically about life in all of its many complexities. 

Film is very important in the telling or human story through our individual lenses; its struggles, complexities, visions, successes, contributions to our species, teaching capabilities, etc. The best part of film takes place when the viewers have the opportunity to dissect the film, extract lessons, bring to light greater truths, correct the ill-perceived, and lend a hand in re-shaping humanity for the better. 

Channing’s review/critque is on a film called Mapplethorpe; A film about Robert Mapplethorpe, a queer artist and photographer. The film takes a look at his life, from his rise to fame in the 70’s through his decline and death in 1989. Channing discusses Mapplethorpe’s illustrations through his eyes, as a Black, Queer, male, and what they really mean to him, rather than what the element of Mapplethorpe’s fame has disillusioned.  

Eric reviews Captain Fantastic; A film about a husband (Ben Cash) and wife (Leslie Cash) who completely devote their entire lives to raising their 6 children in the wilderness of Washington State, completely isolated from society. They are trained to be physically fit and athletic, to think critically, co-exist with nature, and live without technology. When Leslie dies suddenly, Ben is forced to take this sheltered children into the outside world for the first time. 

Eric, as a father and organizer, focuses aspects of the film that make him think about raising his children, and how people in general expose their children to some really difficult aspects of life. 

Tune in to Voices From the Frontlines, watch the films, and tell us what you think. 


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