Voices Radio: BOOK SIGNING, POSTPONED!!! We hear from a mother and father and author of Help Me Understand My Child; A Mother’s Truth About Autism. Florence and Charles Bracy.


Eric and Channing speak with Florence and Charles Bracy, the parents of Brad Bracy, who has autism. Florence takes us through her book, Help Me Understand My Child; A Mother’s Truth About Autism. She walks us through her family’s path to cope; from her sons diagnosis, the struggle of acceptance, learning about her sons autistic traits, and how to help him. Florence also provides information about resources and services available to assist individuals with autism and families.

We also hear from listeners who have experience with autism.

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the world. One in fifty-nine people are born with autism, and roughly forty-two are boys. One percent of the worlds population is autistic. Three and a half million Americans are autistic, and 100,000 live in the Los Angeles county alone.

Tune in to this weeks Voices From the Frontlines.

If you haven’t already, you very well may encounter someone with autism. As Florence stated, you may not always know it. Equip yourself with the  necessary knowledge to ensure a positive interaction.


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