Voices Radio: Eric, Channing, KPFK’s Alan Minsky, and Pacifica Radio’s Director of Archives Mark Torres discuss the history-making, and humanity-improving work that Pacifica Radio Archives has captured and features in a collection of audio recordings called The Encyclopedia of Sound.

Today, Eric Mann, Channing Martinez, Alan Minsky, and Pacifica Radio’s Archivist Mark Torres, talk about some of the incredibly inspirational and historical people who were instrumental in moving humanity forward into a better tomorrow for life on the planet; Paul Robeson, James Farmer, Bayard Rustin, Rosa Parks, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, and so many others. Pacifica Radio Archives has live recordings from these people and more, in a collection of audio files called the Encyclopedia of Sound; a collection of three volumes of Voices that Change the World on USB drives, totaling over 3600 hours of interviews, field recordings and other information from some of humanity’s best and wisest. 

During the show we hear clips of Paul Robeson and Bayard Rustin.

Take a listen, be inspired, and don’t forget where we came from and on whose backs we arrived on. Learn from these people and many others like them, who put their bodies on the line and sacrificed their lives so that we can live with more peace and harmony than they did. They took their place on the frontlines of oppression, with you in mind. They were successful! Take your place in the push to continue moving humanity forward into the place of peace where it belongs.

These were TRULY Voices that Changed the World, from the Frontlines!!! 


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