Voices Radio: Eric, Channing, and Alan discuss the Bus Riders Union film that demonstrates the power of the people!!!

Eric, Channing, and Alan discuss the importance of this film, featuring the success of the people of the Bus Riders Union and those in support of the movement. The film shows us just how important it is to demand what you want, get organized,  and remain diligent in the fight. Eric makes a really good point when he said that most documentaries make you aware of a problem, but this film shows you the problem AND the solution! This is a documentary that is showing you a movement that won and continues to win its fight. It is phenomenally inspiring.

We hear from from organizers like Della Bonner, Rosalie Mendiola, Eric Mann, and Kikanza Ramsey; “The Bus Riders Union in some ways is a political, social experiment, if you will, to see if we can build a multi-racial, bi-lingual, gender-balanced, mass movement of working class people that is willing to fight for a set of demands that challenges corporate capital.” – Kikanza Ramsey.

The brilliance of this film should move you to take action in your community!!! Join Voices From the Frontlines and The Strategy Center in the fight for humanity and elevation of the perpetually disenfranchised human and environmental population!

To get this film call (818) 985-5735, by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday March 19th to pledge your support to KPFK and Voices From the Frontlines. After March 19th, call Strategy and Soul at (323) 903-6238.


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