Voices Radio:”Where is the Hope” panel?


Voices From the Frontlines brings in the new year with defining hope, in this episode titled “Where Is the Hope”?

During Voices From the Frontlines’ panel, hosted by The Strategy Center, we hear the voices of our Los Angeles community identifying where the hope is for them. We hear from Manuel Criollo who has been with the Strategy Center for 20 years and is now at the University of New Mexico in a Ph.D. program, Martin Hernandez, a 28-year member of the Strategy Center, on the board of Trustees, and, currently works for the county of Los Angeles. We also heard from Anaya Logan; a 16 year old student from Ochoa Donavan who is a leader of Art Taking Action, as well as Makayla Brown from Agustas Hawkins high school. We also hear from Eric Mann and listeners like you.

Take a listen.


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