Voices Radio: Mumia Abu Jamal / United Teachers of L.A. – Get ready to take action!

  • Noelle Hanrahan – Head of Prison radio and advocate for all political prisoners and friend of Mumia Abu Jamal. Noel talks about the epicenter of Mumia’s 37 year case, where the suppression of evidence and racism, in Philadelphia took place in 1982. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Castile, who was also a District Attorney, who campaigned on the rush to punishment and sending people to death-row, was admonished for hearing his own cases, sitting on his own appeals, and rubber-stamping his own work. Castile as the Supreme Court Justice, approved Albert F. Sabo, Mumia’s trial lawyer, coming out of retirement every 30 days just so that he could sit on Mumia’s appeal. Paid by the fraternal order of police, Castile and Sabo made sure that Mumia suffered and continues to suffer, especially sine the victim of the crime, which Mumia was convicted of, was a police officer. www.freemumia.org, www.prisonradio.org, 
  • Hacenia Chavez – United Teachers of L.A. – Why they would consider going on a strike; Classrooms sizes are unmanageable,  teachers are over-worked and underpaid, school supplies are in short supply, and LAUSD is hoarding  billions of dollars that could be used to right all of these, and many more, wrongs.

Take a listen.


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