Voices Radio: Eric, Channing, KPFK’s Director of Archives Mark Torres, and Senior Producer Alan Minsky are offering you material from Pacifica Radio Archives. Eric Talks about his books, Playbook For Progressives, and Black Lamour. Eric gives the job description of an organizer.

This week on Voices Radio, Eric, Channing, Mark Torres Director of Pacifica Radio Archives, and KPFK’s Senior Producer Alan Minsky, talk about the importance of the Pacifica Radio Archives, Encyclopedia of Sound collection, featuring three MP3 USB drives totaling over 3600 hours of audio.

Eric also talks about his books Playbook For Progressives and Black Lamour; Black Latino Third-World perspective which codifies 30 years of his own organizing. He gives an example of the job description of an organizer; The foot soldier, evangelist, recruiter, group-builder, strategist, tactician, communicator, political educator, agitator, fundraiser, comrade, confidant, and cadre.

Take a listen.



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