Voices Radio: Eric and Channing Cross Talk with Lynn Harris Ballen, Maisie Chin from CADRE, Tribute to Aretha Franklin


This week on Voices Radio…

Cross-talk on KPFK; Eric and Channing of Voices From the Frontlines, and Lynn Ballen and Karina Elias of Feminist Magazine – which airs right before Voices – share the microphone in a segment called  we are calling “Cross-Talk”. www.feministmagazine.org, @kpfkradio, @FemMagKPFK, email:feministmagazine@yahoo.com.

In this segment Eric, Channing talk with Lynn, Karina, talk about feminism in all of its complexities, and the continuation of the struggle which unfairly befalls women, and what the work of Feminist Magazine means for women around the world. 

Eric also pays a beautiful tribute to our beloved Aretha Franklin throughout the program!

The also speak with Maisie Chin of CADRE (Community Asset Development Re-defining Education)  about parent-power and how colonized thinking has interfered with parenting. Maisie works to bring awareness to community members, teaching them how to take back their parental rights, empowerment, engagement, and parental autonomy as advocates for their children.

  • Phone Number: 323.752.9997, ext. 311
  • Email: maisie@cadre-la.org
  • Website:http://www.cadre-la.org
  • Website:http://www.facebook.com/maisie.chin
  • Twitter:https://twitter.com/itzmemaisie
  • Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/user/CADREparentpower

Join us this evening, Nov. 28th, 2018, at 5:30pm at Strategy and Soul 3546 Martin Luther King Blvd, Los Angeles 90008, for the Lift Us Up, Don’t Push Us Out discussion and book signing, featuring contributing essayists Maisie Chin, Jonathan Smith, and others.

There will also be a Q&A and book signing at the Strategy Center. 




Take a listen:


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