Voices Radio: Hena Cuevas of KCET’s Ballot Brief, and Miguel Peredes of KPFK’s Soul Rebel Radio


This week on Voices from the Frontlines Eric and Channing host a conversation with Hena Cuevas from KCET’s Ballot Brief about propositions 1, 2, 5, 6, and 10, and Hena discusses both sides of each initiative and Eric and Channing speak about the Strategy Center’s position on each. View the Strategy Center’s Take the Initiative Ballot Guide Here.

In the second half of the show Channing speaks with Miguel Paredes from St. Johns Wellness Clinic about an upcoming action at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Miguel speaks about the proposed cuts to the My Health LA program which could lead to taking away health care for several thousand mostly immigrant patients. St Johns is conven

ing rally at the LA County Hall of Administration on November 13th @ 11am. See the flier here: Save Immigrant Health Nove 13th at 11am

Listen to the full show.


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