Voices Radio: This week on Voices From the Frontlines, Eric and Channing talk with Mercedes Martinez, President of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation.

Eric and Channing speak with Mercedes Martinez – President of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation, in Puerto Rico, about the current and historical struggle to reclaim their home and entire way of life which has been stolen by colonialist/imperialist United States, and other nations, and replaced with oppression through forced religion, language, and false education. Mercedes also speaks about the Spanish inquisition and U.S. colonization being backed by the United Nations. Mercedes speaks intimately about how Puerto Ricans are treated as second-class citizens; given partial citizenship so that the U.S. can use them on the front lines of its imperialist wars, 85% of the food in Puerto Rico is imported, they are being held responsible for debt they did not create, and Puerto Ricans cannot vote in congressional, nor presidential elections… To name just a few of the many ways in which Puerto Rico continues to suffer the high cost of colonialism.  

Click on the link to hear the entire conversation.


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