Voices Radio – In Conversation with Comrade in Struggle Zoe Muñoz – June 12, 2018

Eric Mann reviews short film Kyenvu, originally screened in the Pan African Film Festival. Kyenvu is about an independent young woman who struggles to find her footing in a patriarchal society within which she finds love in a bitter sweet moment. view the film trailer here: https://www.kyenvu.com



Eric then reads his 300 word article published in State of Nature. Each month State of Nature asks one question of thought leaders. In the month Eric was invited to respond the question was asked what is most important to remember about 1968. read Eric’s and everyones response here: http://bit.ly/2HG3dyK



Eric holds a conversation with Zoe Muñoz, an Emergency Services Coordinator from Peace Over Violence, about Ugandan film called Kyenvu. The film is about rape, and violence against women. Eric and Zoe discuss rape and sexual assault prevention, social responsibility, rape crisis, as well as resources and ways to cope with the trauma of rape and sexual violence. Learn more about Peace over Violence Here: https://www.peaceoverviolence.org/about-us/


Listen to the Full Show Here:





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