Rebellion in Newark—50th Anniversary

Eric Mann was an organizer with The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in 1964-1965 and with the Newark Community Union Project (NCUP) 1965-1968. He was living in the Black South Ward of Newark during the 1967 Urban Rebellion. He will be reading from two selections:

  1. Newark: It was like a Happening— Eric was called during the Newark rebellion to get more support from white people for the rebellion. His interview was a defense of Black rebellion that was published all over the country.
  2. Newark was the center in experimentation in Black Power Politics, Eric will be reading from a history of the Freedom Ticket; an experiment in Black led third world party politics that challenged the Democratic Party and was a forerunner of the work of Amiri Baraka and others to elect Ken Gibson, the first Black Mayor of Newark.

Eri will be talking about lessons for the struggles in Los Angeles and the United States today and will go to the phones to get listenr feedback.

Listen to the Full Show Here:


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