The Paris Climate Talks—Obama’s Cynical Betrayal Trump’s Bombastic Hypocrisy and the Challenge to the Environmental Movement

Eric Mann and Channing Martinez will discuss their experience and profound disappointment with the Obama Administration and Democratic Party at the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference in Paris December 2015 that they attended as NGO delegates from the Labor/Community Strategy Center. From there they will engage the symbolism and reality of Trump’s reactionary and demagogic rejection of a “Treaty” that was not even binding and the crisis of the Environmental Movement that has failed to challenge the Democrats while engaging in partisan hyperbole against Trump and the Climate Nabobs.

Then they and the listeners will try to figure out, Where do we Go from Here.

Eric will also read from and refer to his 4 major articles on Paris that were published in the Huffington Post at the time especially his summary

The Paris Climate Talks—A Victory for President Obama, A Defeat for the Planet, and a Challenge to the Climate Justice Movement.

Listen to the Full Show:


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